Make it easy to share your needs to develop your activity.

Make it easy to share your needs to develop your activity.

Give yourself the power of Freedom and Individual Initiatives


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The words of beeckon

Beeckon is a United Social Network anchor in Switzerland and open to the world. Founded in 2016 by Entrepreneurs, we spread proudly the values of this country of freedom and individual initiatives.

We federate people and we think the future of collaborative activity by providing an online place for Entrepreneurs, Investors, Freelancers, Companies, Organizations and Communities.

Beeckon Movement represents a contemporary paradigm shift in social activity, moving us away from main noises, as well as the separation between personal and professional growth, well being and human solidarity.

We are focused on getting back to basics, by sharing offers and requests. Beeckon makes easy to share your needs to develop your activity. We believe that Intention is the starting point of every action. It is the creative power that fulfills all of our needs.

At Beeckon we’re committed to helping to create a more united, collaborative, just, sustainable, happier, peaceful and healthy world. By the power of real time collaboration of Initiators, Social Entities and Communities.

How it works


Create your profile and get the power of Beeckon. Add one or several activites.


Define your offers and requests related to your activity domain in the newsfeed. Enable you to post in six different areas: Skill, Product, Partnership, Investment, Event, Property.


Contact and get contacted by Initiator, Social entity or Community to empower your activities. Match with results.